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The 22nd Qingdao (China) Plastic Industry Expo

Development time
July 17, 2020
End Time
July 21, 2020
Exhibition venues
Qingdao-Hongdao International Conference and Exhibition Center
Exhibition official website

The 22nd Qingdao (China) Plastic Industry Expo

■ Organizational unit

■ Exhibition Introduction
With the further implementation of the "Made in China 2025" plan, intelligence has become the direction indicator for the development of the plastics industry. At present, China's plastic products industry is in a critical period of transition from a high-speed growth zone to industrial maturity and towards the mid-to-high end of the industry. All raw materials, processes, products and industries related to plastics are entering an intelligent boom.
Qingdao (China) Plastics Industry Expo, referred to as CPE for short, has been a professional, internationalized event that brings buyers closer to the market and provides exhibitors with the greatest business opportunities. CPE2019 brought together 350 domestic and foreign companies from 18 countries and regions to participate. The exhibition area reached 35,000 square meters, and the number of professional visitors at the exhibition reached 41,288, a record high! CPE2020 will keep abreast of market development trends, lock in professional buyers from the Bohai Rim, Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asia, create a university exchange platform for new technologies and market consulting, and lay down the status image of corporate brands in the industry.
Precise matching and efficient transaction
Create a large-scale plastic exhibition industry event in the Bohai Bay area
★ Last Review
○ Exhibition area of 35,000 square meters
○ 350 Chinese and foreign exhibitors, 41,288 visitors
○ Concurrent activities: "2019 China-Japan-Korea Engineering Technology Conference", 2019 China Qingdao International Plastic Industry Development and Internet Summit Forum, 2019 China Qingdao Polyolefin Industry Symposium
○ Previous exhibitors:
Injection molding machine / auxiliary machine: Jiaming, Liansheng, Spito, Baojie, Sanshun, Ningsu, Shuangsheng, Tongjia, Huayi; Dayu, Taifu, Lizhu, Baizan, Taiwang; Xinyi Electric heating, Bronte, Jansen, Saiwei, Hengli, Baiwang and more than 90 enterprises, more than 160 kinds of equipment.
Extruder / die: Jinwei, Lestrez, Jinwo, Suntec, Feiyoulian, Rhea, Cork, Jucheng, Green Island, Kefei, Lingge, Will, AsiaInfo, Hongming, Xinding, Zhengwei, Befit, and more than 30 companies and more than 50 kinds of equipment
Hollow molding equipment: Tongda, Jinwei, Ziqiang, Junneng, Tongfa, Hongzhen, Deman, Shuangli, Baitong, Xinchuang, Ruixin, Tongxin, Senbao, Maisheng, Baisu, Bakeway Seoul and more than 30 companies, more than 50 kinds of equipment
Plastic packaging equipment: Changlongxing, Xinhuida, Cathay Pacific, Warburg, Jianfeng, Lingfeng, Mengshen, Yuexing, Xinke, Jianda, Vista, Zhenping, Zhongrui, Mingxiong, Jingyang, etc. More than 50 enterprises and more than 40 kinds of equipment.
Plastic raw and auxiliary materials: Covestro, LG Chem, BASF, Yunsu, Minghe, Northren, Lu Yan, Xianglong, Xinming, Shanjin, Jinsui, King of Plastics, Juwang, Sano, Bonny , Haihao, Huitianlong, Gold Rubber, and more than 100 companies, more than 200 kinds of products.
Some hot products and technologies at the 2019 exhibition
★ Bochuang Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. exhibited the first BU6800 ultra-large two-plate servo injection machine in Asia at this exhibition, with a clamping force of 6,800 tons.
Ningbo Ramada Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. exhibited high-speed thin-walled fast food box special machines suitable for molding products including bottle caps, fast food boxes, yogurt packaging boxes, ice cream boxes, PS aviation cups, disposable tableware, etc.
Dongguan Baizan Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. brings a two-color machine with a multi-station disc design. Two sets of independent injection units are powered by two sets of motor oil pumps. The operation is stable and reliable, and two actions can be performed at the same time, which saves 2/2 3 cycle times to increase productivity.
★ SAL-UG series Europeanized three-phase separated vacuum packing machine of Xinyi Electric Heating Machinery Co., Ltd. is a powerful, beautiful-looking filling machine developed on the basis of the original three-phase separated packing machine.
Jiangmen Carrying Machinery Co., Ltd. 's weighing type mixer is suitable for the use of plastic extrusion, extrusion or hollow molding and other processes where multiple raw materials need to be accurately mixed by weight ratio. Accurate mixing accuracy, can store up to 100 groups of formulas.
Changlongxing Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. exhibited: CL-80 / 120 / 80H 2000mm three-layer / five-layer new high-speed four-axis roll changer / intelligent temperature control fully automatic casting film unit, CL-80 / 100 / 80C 2000mm three-layer / five-layer co-extrusion intelligent automatic high-speed cast film unit.
★ Hong Kong KENT Perseverance : KENT manipulator automatic loading, unloading and printing integrated system equipment was exhibited.
Kunshan Kexin Polymer Materials Co., Ltd. provides high-quality overall elastomer solutions for different industries and enterprises. Bring thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs, TPU, TPV, TPEE) used in auto parts, 3C electronic products, home appliances, bonding PA, PETG, PCTG, etc.
Suzhou Obon Engineering Plastics Co., Ltd. exhibited technology products (reinforcement, flame retardant, high abrasion resistance, toughening, flame retardant masterbatch, foam masterbatch, plastic alloy, etc.), which have won many national patent products.
Suzhou Tongda Machinery Co., Ltd., as the leading brand of blow molding machines, exhibited hollow blow molding machines and high-efficiency high-speed extrusion hollow production lines to surpass the international advanced technology level.
■ Market
Shandong and Bohai Rim Region—China's emerging plastic industry base
In the Bohai Bay Economic Zone, home appliances are the pillar industries of Shandong, and an industrial chain focusing on home appliances has been formed. Shandong has 8 vehicle production zones and 8 component production bases. Plastic films, plastic pipes, The output of profiles and daily plastic products accounted for a relatively high proportion of the total plastic products in the country and developed rapidly. Secondly, Shandong is also a gathering area for medical plastic products. Liaoning has established four auto parts manufacturing bases in Dalian, Yingkou, Chaoyang, and Jinzhou. Tianjin is the production base of electronic components, and also the national automobile and parts export base. Auto parts industrial park that has begun to take shape in Hebei ...
■ Professional audience
★ Industry source industry
The visiting companies mainly focus on household appliances, electronic products, auto parts, plastic packaging and containers, packaging printing, and medical care. They also invite food, beverages, daily necessities, sports goods, toys, gifts, apparel, engineering accessories, building materials, molds, and Parts and components processing industries are also invited to visit universities, chemical research institutes, related industry associations, 彩乐乐网 media, investment and trade institutions.
★ Pre-registered visitors at the last exhibition
Visiting companies are: Haier, Fisher & Paykel, Hisense, Aucma, GoerTek, Little Duck, Little Swan, Jiuyang, Foxconn, Hairong, Samsung, LG, Sinotruk, FAW Jiefang, Dongfeng Motor, Zhengzhou Nissan, Zhengzhou Yutong, Huanghai Pharmaceutical, Huiren Pharmaceutical, Soft Control, Double Star, Lucent, Xinglin Medical Packaging, Shandong Luhua, Delphi Parker Electrical System, VTech, Dongyue Automobile, Zhongtong Automobile, CIMC Special Purpose Vehicle, Shifeng, Wufeng Zheng, BYD Auto, Tianjin Zhongtong Auto Parts, BorgWarner Auto Parts, Bosch Auto Parts, Hebei Jiantou Baosu Pipe Industry, Breakthrough Appliances, Zhongyuan Maple Pipe Industry, Wanrong Packaging, Sansu Group, Baoshuo New Building Materials, Xinchao Pipe Industry, Weixing Building Materials, Beiyang Cable, Parkway Packaging, Tiansu Group, Huanli Packaging, Tongxin Plastic, Wanrong Packaging, Penguin Plastic, Yili Group, Kaishu Electronic Materials, Junye Plastic , Asahi Kasei Medical Equipment, Keli Automotive Parts, Jie Plastics, Changchun Yingli Automotive Parts, Xujing Plastic, Volkswagen, Haibao Rubber, Michen Automotive Parts, Tianyu Hose, Midea Group, Panasonic Electronics Bokelin Medical, Great Wall, Skyworth electronics.
The visiting groups are: Qingdao Plastics Industry Association, China Plastics Association Agricultural Film, Profiles, Doors and Windows Products, Medical Plastics Professional Committee, Yiwu Toy Industry Association, Anhui Plastics Association, China Packaging Federation Plastic Products Committee, China Food Industry Association , Hebei Pharmaceutical Industry Association, Shandong Automobile, Leather, Household Appliance Industry Association, Hebei Packaging Industry Chamber of Commerce
■ CPE exhibit scope
◆ Plastic processing machinery: injection molding machine, extruder and production line, blow molding machine, plastic hollow molding machine, plastic calendering machine, casting machine, compression molding machine, rotomolding machine, vacuum molding machine, plastic crusher, plastic Mixer, plastic granulator, plastic thermoforming machine, etc.
◆ Plastic packaging machinery: weaving machines, bag making machines, plastic packaging and printing machinery, labels, coding, film technology, etc.
◆ Raw materials: general-purpose plastics, engineering plastics, composite materials, plastic-filled masterbatches, modified masterbatches, additives, auxiliaries, colorants, color masterbatches and other plastic-related chemical raw materials.
◆ Plastic products: plastic profiles, pipes, films; woven foam, medical, degradation, daily use and other products.
◆ Recycling technology: environmental protection recycling materials, recycling technology, recycling technology demonstration demonstration.
◆ Others: plastic industry testing equipment and technology.
■ CPE participation fee
A booth services:

Standard booth ( 3mX 3m / A)

人民币/Domestic enterprises 12,000 RMB / each

美元/个 US $ 1,200 per overseas company

平米) Special booth (bare space, at least 18 square meters)

人民币/Domestic enterprises 1200 RMB /

美元/USD 200 / ㎡ for overseas enterprises

B. Directory and other services: (The conference directory is used to promote corporate products and corporate image for collection by distribution agents, buyers and professionals)

Cover 20,000 yuan

Back cover 10,000 yuan

Color inner page 5000 yuan

Cover two and cover three 8,000 yuan

/3Tickets 8,000 yuan / 30,000

Black and white inside page 2000 yuan

/Truss 10,000 yuan / piece

元/万张 Invitation card: 6000 yuan / 10,000

元/ 2000Portable information bag: 8,000 yuan / 2000

C. Solicitation of sponsors: In order to make the exhibition more influential and large-scale, strong manufacturers will be invited to participate in sponsorship and co-organization. Customers who need to do important promotion during the exhibition, please contact the organizing committee, detailed information is available upon request.
D technical lectures: The organizer provides venues, lighting, lecture tables, chairs, boiling water, audio, whiteboards, projectors, etc., RMB 10000 per venue. Remarks: Standard booth: including (3M × 3M) booth (three-sided enclosure, fascia, one table and two chairs, 220V power socket, lighting, cleaning fees, etc.)
Open space: Does not include any supporting facilities and is rented separately if needed.
Contact of the Organizing Committee :
Qingdao Jinnuo International Convention and Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Qingdao Jinnoc Int'l Expo Co., Ltd.
Address / Add: Room 902, Block A, Fulin Building, 87 Fuzhou South Road, Qingdao
Phone / Tel: + 86-400-6767-071 Fax / Fax: + 86-532-55552903
Website: http://www.china-sujiao.com
E-mail: jinnuo_rubber@126.com
  • The exhibition text information and image advertisements published on the Plastic Machinery Network (www.siamtlr.com) are provided by the exhibition party, and the authenticity and legality of the content are the responsibility of the exhibition party. If there are violations of laws and regulations in terms of authenticity, legality, etc., the exhibitor shall bear the corresponding legal consequences.
  • If you have questions about the authenticity and legality of the exhibition information, please contact this website as soon as possible and provide true and valid certifications. We will make proper handling after verification.

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