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Based on environmental protection, focus on intelligent manufacturing: take the road of vertical injection molding equipment innovation

——Interview with Xu Hongliang, Marketing Director of Hangzhou Aike Machinery Co., Ltd.

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A few days ago, a large-scale rubber and plastics industry event with the theme of "innovating to shape the future"-Chinaplas 2019 has set off a wave in the industry. On the second day of the exhibition, Plastic Machinery Network (siamtlr.com) interviewed Xu Hongliang, the marketing director of Hangzhou Aike Machinery Co., Ltd. at the scene.

Xu Hongliang, Marketing Director, Hangzhou Aike Machinery Co., Ltd. (right)
Aike Machinery focuses on R & D and production of vertical injection molding machines. The scientific and technological research and development capabilities behind it are a solid driving force for Aike's continuous innovation and growth. In order to meet customers' needs for different plastic products, and to combine the world trend of safety and energy saving, AGCO has developed a variety of special equipment and mastered a number of technologies, all of which confirm AGCO's development results for many years.
At the beginning of enterprise development, AGCO insisted on being "big" and "strong". Active investment in product quantity and model expansion has long become a well-known enterprise in the industry. When Aike was acutely aware that the market demand for high-precision equipment was increasing day by day, it decided to upgrade its development thinking and move towards "special" and "strong" development, and tailored special equipment for customers. Although this change has reduced the number of production, it has increased the value of the equipment, and AGCO's output value has increased significantly. Mr. Xu called this transition "from addition to subtraction."
President Xu mentioned that AGCO's target customers are domestic foreign-funded enterprises and some large private enterprises, which are mainly targeted at the three major markets of automotive parts, electronic parts, and the civilian industry. Regarding automobile parts, President Xu frankly said that this part accounted for 50% of AGCO's sales; the overall requirements of electronic components are high-precision, because for mobile phones, notebook computers and other products, the precision is extremely high, which is exactly AGCO In this respect, it is also an expert; and the civilian industry mainly involves BMC special equipment, such as large companies such as the US-oriented system, Gree system, Whirlpool, LG, etc., because of the particularity of the company's materials and products, Aike tailor-made machinery for it Dedicated, making special equipment create higher value.

AGCO AT-850.2RL V Low-profile Hybrid Engine

AGCO AT-550V LSR Hybrid Electric Liquid Silicone Dedicated Model

AGCO AT-1600.2R Vertical Injection Molding Machine
In the past year or two, AGCO's oil-electric mixer can be described as the star model of AGCO, especially some large foreign companies have more requirements for equipment, and have more requirements on the rate of fire, operation, and hydraulic machine stability High, this is a spur and challenge for AGCO. AGCO's oil-electric mixer combines the stability of the hydraulic machine and the precision of the motor's focus, which meets these requirements well. In addition, there are customized BMC models for large companies' specific systems, which have also been very hot since the development in 2007. In the process of cooperation with Huawei suppliers, the special equipment provided to meet their refined customization requirements is AGCO. A typical case of cooperation in this regard.
Over the years, AGCO has also made many efforts in service. Mr. Xu introduced that AGCO has been providing customers with overall technical support before, during and after sales, especially in the pre-sales service. After AGCO moved towards being “specialized”, “strong”, and customized, the requirements for early technical communication with customers were further increased. To this end, AGCO established a professional technical team. More importantly, AGCO will continue to follow up after customers place orders. All aspects of equipment commissioning, maintenance, operation, and process parameter settings are taken into consideration, making it easier and more convenient for customers to operate.
Mr. Xu said, "In this industry circle, let more people know about Aike and find Aike when needed. This is what we have been doing." AGCO has more than 20 offices in China. It regularly sells and visits companies, recommends equipment and technologies, and companies seeking cooperation have more opportunities to learn about AGCO outside of exhibitions and Internet channels. Customers have new requirements to feedback to the company, and such information and data collected will also provide a reference direction for future research and development of equipment and technological improvement.
AGCO has always been adhering to the service concept of assisting customers to become bigger and stronger in its industry, not only to meet customer needs, but also to exceed customer expectations, think what they think, never think, comprehensive consideration, and propose for customers More development suggestions and more professionalism of AGCO. Such an effort to provide comprehensive and multi-faceted services has won the favor of many customers for AGCO.

Based on China, serve the world, and be a professional vertical injection molding machine company
In addition, President Xu also said that AGCO's main market is still domestic, but also has contacts and cooperation with Japan, Europe and other countries and regions. Based on China and serving the world, AGCO has been making progress and looks forward to one day being able to compete internationally with advanced peers. It also hopes that it will have more opportunities to cooperate with top 100 global companies in the future. Learn from cooperation and cooperation. The Chinese Communist Party wins.
AGCO has been following the development of the vertical injection molding machine industry for more than ten years. In recent years, in the context of the global demand for intelligent manufacturing and industrial automation, AGCO has its own development direction. President Xu said that in the cooperation of AGCO's enterprises, especially foreign-funded enterprises have more needs in this regard, the application of the entire series of “host-auxiliary machine-automated coordination-remote management and control” will be an inevitable trend. In addition to continuously improving the injection accuracy and operation stability of the equipment, AGCO will continue to improve the corresponding R & D and production of supporting machinery in order to meet customers' more automated production needs.

Group photo of Aike mechanical staff at 2019 Chinaplas
Years of accumulation and accumulation have made Aike today. Under the wave of intelligent manufacturing, Aike is more brave and progressive, and is striding forward on the road of continuous innovation and surpassing itself. It is also because of them that plastic machinery will become more and more stable on the road of intelligent development.

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