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Top 10 breakthrough technologies for robotics 2019, will it shake the four families?

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[ Plastic Machinery Network Hot Spotlight ] In 2019, the global intelligent manufacturing industry is going to a trough, which has caused major robots and related industrial chain companies to face tremendous development pressure.
However, even under such unfavorable circumstances, human beings have not stopped advancing the development of science and technology. They continue to chase robots, the industrial intelligent pearl, and have launched many innovative technologies and products.
Today OFweek Robot Network will come to take stock of the top ten innovative technologies of the robotics industry in 2019, and see what technological breakthroughs the industry has made in the past year.
The following is ranked by corporate order.
1-Plant protection drone T20
On November 5, 2019, DJI Agricultural released a new product-T20 plant protection unmanned aerial vehicle, spreading system 2.0. The T20 plant protection unmanned aerial vehicle's load has been increased to 20L, the flow rate has reached 6L / min, and the effective spray width has reached 7m. At the same time, the T20 has also achieved three major industry innovations.
T20 realizes the industry's innovative high-precision flow control. The flow of each channel of the T20 plant protection drone can be automatically calibrated, monitored in real time, and independently controlled by four channels to ensure the accuracy of each liquid medicine output.
The T20 comes standard with an industry-innovative active valve control system that supports a high dynamic flow range and completes precise point spray control to ensure that the spray starts and stops in milliseconds without dripping.
The T20 is equipped with the industry's innovative omnidirectional digital radar, which uses point cloud imaging and has twice the resolution compared to the previous generation. In addition to 360-degree omnidirectional sensing, obstacles can be automatically avoided based on different farmland terrain.
OFweek comment: Agriculture is the foundation of our country, but the degree of automation is seriously insufficient; DJI Innovations is proud of the world in the field of consumer drones, and the launch of plant protection drones T20, announcing that DJI has started a collective charge to subdivide professional fields number.
2-Vector cycloid reducer
The precision reducer is the core component of the robot, accounting for up to 35% of the cost. From the perspective of the global reducer industry, Japanese manufacturers have the vast majority of the market share and almost monopolize the reducer market.
After nearly eight years of research and development, Haishang Group successfully launched a new generation of "vector cycloid reducer". This is the fourth joint joint reducer technology that innovates the principle of traditional reducer, which is different from RV reducer, harmonic reducer and planetary reducer on the market.
Haishang vector cycloid reducer pioneered the use of double cycloid differential transmission mode output, which can reduce the working noise to 60 decibels and extend the life to 80,000 hours; meanwhile, it replaces traditional gear transmission with ball transmission to simplify complicated manufacturing Technology, reducing the number of parts, making the reducer simpler, shorter process chain, lower cost, and better performance.
This reducer not only solves the problems of low transmission efficiency and large size of the existing transmission structure, but also has the characteristics of high rigidity, high precision, wide speed ratio, high efficiency, low temperature rise, low noise, long life and so on.
In addition, compared with RV, harmonic and planetary reducers, Hisun vector cycloid reducers also have the advantages of full contact, no dead angle, zero backlash and full coverage.
OFweek comment: Robot core devices have always been the strengths of Japan, Europe and the United States. In order for China to continue to innovate in the field of robots, the core foundation must be supplemented. The vector cycloid reducer of Haishang Group reinforces another shortcoming of China in the core field.
3-Global load large tonnage handling robot
The global z-heavy joint articulated six-axis handling robot "Diamond King" developed by the local enterprise Huanyan Automation Equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was launched in June 2019.
Huanyan "Dai King Kong" has a 4-meter arm span and is composed of six-degree-of-freedom joints. It has a total weight of more than 24 tons, a working radius of 3.8 meters, and a payload of 3.6 tons. (Fanuc) The similar robot M-2000iA / 2300 has a payload of 2.3 tons, and the "Diamond Kong" payload rate exceeds 56%, thus setting a new record.
Huanyan "King Kong" consists of the body and 7 reducers, 12 servo motors and a controller. The body and reducer are independently developed by Huanyan. The servo motor and controller are developed and produced by domestic partners according to Huanyan design requirements.
OFweek comment: The huge body shape is really eye-catching, but what is more worthy of attention is that the localization of the device has boosted the confidence of China to make more powerful robots.
4-Isaac Software Development Kit
In December 2019, NVIDIA founder and executive Huang Renxun announced the new version of the Isaac Software Development Kit (SDK) at the NVIDIA's New GPU Technology Conference (GTC CHINA 2019). In terms of control functions, the Isaac SDK has reached an important milestone.
The new Isaac SDK can significantly accelerate the development and testing of robots by researchers, developers, startups and manufacturers. It enables robots to obtain sensing and training functions driven by artificial intelligence technology through simulation, so that the robot can be tested and verified in various environments and situations.
The new version also introduces an important feature-training robots with Isaac Sim and deploying the generated software to real robots that run in the real world. This is expected to greatly speed up the development of robots, thereby achieving comprehensive data training. Through simulation, developers can test the robot in difficult or abnormal situations to further enhance its training.
OFweek comment: The robot is essentially an independent and networked computer computing platform. To achieve higher flexibility and intelligence, computing power is essential. It will become the "fourth core device" of the robot in the future, but today There are very few computing platforms specially developed for robots. Nvidia Insights Industry is launching Isaac software development kits, which is expected to accelerate the development of computing platforms in the robot industry.
5-Exoskeleton Robot
At the 2019 Global Smart Logistics Summit, Suning Logistics' "Exoskeleton Robot" appeared. It is reported that this "exoskeleton robot" can provide accurate motion assistance for the human body, improve the high-intensity weight-bearing ability of the wearer's core parts (such as the waist and back) and core muscle groups (such as the erector spinae), and effectively reduce the fatigue of the working muscle group. Speed, reduce energy consumption during human movement and improve work efficiency.
The "Exoskeleton Robot" weighs only 2.8kg, and its boosting efficiency can be as high as 60%. It is easy to use and flexible; it is also equipped with a set of local muscle group energy consumption and fatigue monitoring systems, which use artificial intelligence technology to realize the physiology of employees during work. Real-time monitoring of information, early warning of employees' physical fatigue, timely suggestions for rest, and help managers dynamically adjust employment plans.
According to reports, the "human-machine integration" of warehouse employees and exoskeleton robots can increase operating efficiency by 30-50%.
OFweek comment: China has a huge amount of courier business and courier employees worldwide. Suning can start from its own needs, not only benefit its front-line employees in the logistics business, but also enhance its competitiveness; but how to popularize it remains to be seen.
6-New generation HQ series robot
On May 6, 2019, Guangdong Topstar Technology Co., Ltd. officially released new HQ series robots.
HQ series manipulator is a more cost-effective product launched by Tuosda in response to market demand. No matter in the injection molding industry or the surface treatment and assembly factories, there is an excessive waste of space. Through the analysis of the needs of thousands of users, Topstar has set a more general parameter standard to reduce production costs and achieve The purpose of lean production will ultimately save enterprises greater costs.
In order to further reduce costs, HQ series robots will implement quantitative and fixed-batch production by purchasing raw materials in batches. At present, the robot control system independently developed by Tuosda has undergone multiple iterations, which has greatly reduced the cost.
OFweek comment: Products developed for pain points can solve the pain points in the industry; HQ series robots are developed based on pain points, which has stronger practicability. It also shows that domestic robots are increasingly leaning towards practical and rational development in research and development.
7-SRC Core Controller
On September 17, 2019, Xianzhi Robotics has released new mobile controller SRC series core controller new products, bringing the good news to integrators and mobile robot manufacturers in the field of industrial automation.
The strongly upgraded SRC series core controller is not only suitable for basic two-wheel differential sports models, but also for four-wheel drive Mecanum wheels, single steering wheels, dual steering wheels, four-drive differential, and multiple steering wheels. Class sports models to meet the different application needs of industrial mobile robots, commercial mobile robots, and automatic forklifts.
In addition, the new version of the SRC is also richer. In addition to basic functions such as map construction, positioning, navigation, visualization operations, and robot model editing, it also has a wealth of other functions to support user selection.
OFweek comment: As one of the core devices of the robot, the controller has always been a magic weapon. The SRC series core controller introduced by the Prophet Robot has given the industry an alternative.
8-High load collaborative robot UR16e
The UR16e is a collaborative robot with a payload of up to 16 kg, with a radius of 900 mm and a repeatability of +/- 0.05 mm; it is ideally suited to perform some heavy-duty automated tasks such as heavy material handling, heavy parts handling, and machine management.
The UR16e has built-in force control sensors and 17 adjustable safety functions, including programmable stop time and stop distance, and an intuitive programming process. The UR16e complies with strict human-robot safety standards, including EN ISO 13849-1 and EN ISO 10218-1 (type 3 PLd).
As a high payload collaborative robot in the current Universal Robots product series, UR16e makes automation acceleration simple and fast-no matter whether the user has relevant experience or programming knowledge, programming and integration can be completed quickly; good ergonomic design also solves Productivity challenges, which reduces costs and reduces downtime.
OFweek comment: Cost reduction and efficiency improvement are the pursuit of the company. UR16e just solves this problem. It can not only meet more productivity challenges, but also reduce the use cost. Of course, simple and quick operation is also important.
9-Tactile transmission teleoperation robot
On June 3, 2019, the British Shadow Robotics Corporation announced that the company has invented a tactile transmission teleoperation robot and made its debut at Amazon's tech show, an innovative technology that is known for its huge potential to transform the robotics industry "Holy Grail in Robotics."
By combining Shadow Robot's smart hands with SynTouch's bionic tactile sensors and HaptX's realistic tactile feedback gloves, this new technology will enable robots to achieve higher precision in remote control.
In a test, an operator located in California was able to remotely operate a computer keyboard in London with a telemanipulator. The signal from each keystroke was monitored by the fingertip sensors of the tactile feedback gloves and transmitted non-destructively Dexterous hands from 5000 miles (about 8040 kilometers) were used for remodeling. Combining haptics with remote operation in this way is groundbreaking and will perform remote precision operations in future application scenarios, such as unexploded shell processing, deep-sea operations, and even interstate remote surgery.
OFweek comment: The advent of tactile sensors has reduced the restrictions on human beings in spatial distance. Just as its company name, human beings will control the environment in an intelligent age.
10-3D sewing robot
In June 2019, CSSC 716 and Ningbo Cixing Co., Ltd. joined hands to successfully develop a 3D sewing robot for automotive interior automatic sewing on June 16, successfully breaking the technological monopoly of foreign companies. .
The 3D sewing robot can automatically recognize the sewing position and perform automatic space sewing. Compared with manual sewing, high-quality products can be produced without relying on the experience of workers, and the produced products have greatly improved the consistency of stitches and 3D molding. This research lasted for two years and successively conquered robot sewing control technology, visual recognition technology and system integration technology. Currently, only Ningbo Cixing Co., Ltd. has mastered related technologies in China.
It is worth mentioning that this technology has more cost-effective advantages than similar foreign products, and has broad application prospects in the fields of automotive interior production and aerospace composite materials sewing.
OFweek comment: The meaning of 3D sewing robot seems to make up for the shortcomings, but it is the embodiment of the improvement of China's intelligent manufacturing industry.
Written at the end of the text
In 2019, the market structure of robots has not changed. The four major families of Yaskawa, KUKA, FANUC, and ABB are still controlling the global market. It is not easy to achieve breakthrough innovations; but this does not affect their control of the market and quietly makes a lot of money.
Of course, as the global large-scale robot market, various companies are targeting this piece of cake, and there are many small and medium-sized companies and start-ups, and the market appears extremely active. In the face of the four families' high status, they did not shy away, but kept thinking about how to innovate, how to open up industry segments, and how to go more and more specialized on the road of robots.
Among the companies that have achieved breakthrough technology in 2019, the four major families are invisible, both in the confusion of industry leaders and the low starting point of innovative companies. Load forward.

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