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Top ten new products of the robot industry in 2019, the most concerned products in the past year are here

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[ Plastic Machinery Network Hot Spotlight ] In 2019, China has become an important application market for global industrial robots for the seventh consecutive year. At the same time, the market for service robots and special robots is also expanding in China. In order to meet the demands of today's automation transformation, many domestic and foreign robotics companies have made every effort to bring various novel products to the market. Some of them are robot bodies, some are core components, and some are development platforms, but no matter what kind of product, they all provide great assistance for the development of the industry. This website has sorted out the top ten new products that attracted attention in the robot industry in 2019. Next, we will come to you one by one.
1.ACR5 MoKi collaborative robot
Beginning in 2019, Biantian Robotics held a launch event. At the conference, Soliyang, the deputy general manager of Peitian Robotics, and Zhao Yong, the general manager of Shanghai Jiqilin Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., unveiled the collaborative robot ACR5 MoKi.
According to reports, the ACR5 body design is safe and friendly, the surface is smooth and smooth, no mechanical pinch; and it has more than 10 kinds of safety functions: each joint angular velocity monitoring, TCP speed monitoring, joint torque monitoring, TCP applied force monitoring, load momentum monitoring , External mechanical power monitoring, TCP motion position monitoring, joint motion position monitoring, tool attitude monitoring, safety shutdown monitoring, user level restrictions, etc., can achieve good human-machine collaboration. The target market mainly includes small parts assembly, packaging, injection molding, screwing, gluing, loading and unloading, and stacking.
At the 2019 Chicago International Automation and Robot Exhibition, MiR Autonomous Mobile Robotics Company introduced a new MiR1000 product.
According to reports, MiR1000 can automatically pick up, transport, and transport pallets and other heavy loads up to 1,000 kilograms (2200 pounds) in a dynamic environment. Consistent with the original intention of launching the MiR500 in 2018, the MiR1000 provides a safe and flexible alternative to collaborate with potentially dangerous and expensive forklifts on the factory floor.
Thomas Visti, MiR's autonomous mobile robot executive, said: "Today's manufacturers have to respond to changing customer needs, which means they need flexible and easily adjustable production facilities. Traditional logistics solutions, such as forklifts and conveyors, and even traditional No automated guided vehicle (AGV) can support this type of production. With the help of MiR1000 and our other highly flexible autonomous robots, it is easy to optimize all types of materials without the need to rebuild infrastructure or have deep programming capabilities. transport."
3.HQ series robot
In 2019, Guangdong Topstar Technology Co., Ltd. displayed new products of HQ series robots at the press conference. According to reports, HQ series manipulators are a higher cost-effective product launched by Tuosda in response to market demand.
No matter in the injection molding industry or the surface treatment and assembly factories, there is an excessive waste of space. Through the analysis of the needs of thousands of users, Topstar has set a more general parameter standard to reduce production costs and achieve The purpose of lean production will ultimately save enterprises greater costs. In addition, the control system also adds peripheral circuit protection to achieve cost reduction and volume reduction.
In addition to the upgrade of the control system, Tuosda also optimized the structural parts. The volume of the entire electric box control cabinet of the new generation product has decreased by 70%. The small and delicate structural box has brought great convenience to the installation! In addition, in terms of system design, Tuosda has realized the modularization of mechanical components, improved the convenience of installation, and reduced the installation cost of the installation company.
4.Vector cycloid reducer
In order to break the situation that domestic precision reducers for industrial robots rely heavily on imports and promote the healthy development of China's robot industry, Haishang Group has devoted itself to the research and development of reducer technology for many years, and finally successfully launched a masterpiece in 2019-a new generation of vector pendulum Line reducer.
The new generation of vector cycloid reducer simplifies the number of processes and parts, making manufacturing easier, shorter process chains, lower costs, and better performance. It not only solves the problem of low transmission and large size of the existing transmission structure, but also has the characteristics of high rigidity, high precision, wide speed ratio, high efficiency, low temperature rise, low noise, long life, etc., and RV , Harmonics and planetary reducers have the advantages of full contact, no dead angle, zero backlash, and full coverage.
Hisense Group CSO Benjamin said that the large-scale industrialization of vector cycloid reducers will break the traditional high-precision planetary reducer technology and the market inventory of 100 billion planetary reducers; at the same time, it will replace Rv for robot joints. Harmonic reducer, it will break the situation that domestic precision reducers for industrial robots rely heavily on imports, and promote the healthy development of China's robot industry.
5.High load collaborative robot UR16e
UR16e is a collaborative robot that can meet the needs of reliably handling heavy tasks. It has a payload of 16 kg, a radius of 900 mm, and a repeatability of +/- 0.05 mm. It has the advantages of rapid deployment, simple programming, and small footprint. Ideal for high-load automation tasks such as heavy material handling, heavy parts handling, and machine management.
Universal Robots President Jürgen von Hollen said: "In today's uncertain economic environment, manufacturers need to remain more competitive by seeking a more flexible solution. The UR16e is exactly such a solution that can reliably handle heavy duty tasks. Collaborative robots. The advent of the UR16e has greatly expanded the application areas of our product line, providing manufacturers with more solutions to increase productivity, overcome labor shortage challenges, and increase business. "
6.Dyson 360 Heurist
Dyson's new Dyson 360 Heurist intelligent vacuum cleaner robot has 20% more suction power than the previous generation Dyson vacuum cleaner robot. It can accurately partition and set multiple restricted areas to achieve intelligent and efficient floor cleaning.
According to reports, Dyson 360 Heurist has 8 sensors that can detect obstacles within 4 meters in diameter. Edge tracking sensors installed on both sides of the robot allow the robot to clean as close to the wall as possible to optimize the cleaning effect; roadblock sensors help Dyson 360 Heurist intelligent vacuum cleaner to gradually reduce the speed of travel; anti-fall sensors help identify and avoid steps and There is a large drop area in height. With real-time location and map construction (SLAM) technology, the Dyson 360 Heurist intelligent vacuum robot can locate the current direction and identify uncleaned areas at any time.
In addition, users can also use the Dyson Link application software to partition the cleaning area. The robot will clean one by one according to the partition. Only after the current room is cleaned, will it enter the next room without repeated cleaning. At the same time, the Dyson 360 Heurist smart vacuum robot can learn and discover new home layout changes on its own.
7. "Medical Assistant" Intelligent Robot
In 2019, Baidu Smart Cloud and Neusoft Ubiquitous Application Solutions Business Unit jointly released a "medical assistant" smart robot, which is based on 5G networks and equipped with AI technology to intelligently serve people of all ages. The "medical assistant" intelligent robot focuses on patient guidance and consultation services through strong voice interaction, face recognition, and big data search capabilities. According to the patient medical treatment process, it guides patients to seek medical treatment before, during, and after the consultation, and improves patients. Medical experience can be applied to scenarios such as hospital outpatients.
In addition, this robot has navigation functions, such as asking: where is the pediatric department, it will answer the specific floor of your department, and display a detailed map, as well as all the experts and scheduling information of the corresponding department. The patient selects the department location to be consulted based on the floor and department distribution through the prompt, and reaches the designated location through route guidance to achieve intelligent triage.
8.JAKA Zu 18 and JAKA Zu S series
For the collaborative robot application market, in the short term, due to the promotion of the overall automation level of the industry, the demand for 3C, auto parts, and education industries has increased rapidly. In the long term, traditional manufacturing industries, such as clothing and hats, Demand is more robust in labor-intensive industries. In this context, JAKA festival robots launched JAKA Zu 18 and JAKA Zu S series products in 2019.
According to reports, JAKA Zu 18 has a higher load and a larger wingspan, which is safer and more flexible than traditional robots, and can solve complex and dangerous traditional automation tasks. Can be used in automotive and related, food, precision manufacturing, electrical appliances, hardware bathroom and other fields. Product features with high flexibility, accuracy and safety will open up new industrial production methods, fill more industry gaps, and open a new era of human-machine collaboration.
The JAKA Zu S series uses a reasonable and economical multi-axis force sensor one-pole solution to achieve the full coverage of all applications required by customers for force control. In addition, the JAKA Zu S series also implements visual programming. The teaching app can display the external contact force value in real time for easy operation and use. It can quickly adapt to different application needs and cover more application scenarios. It has a more sensitive force. Provide customers with a safer working environment.
Dr. Xu Xiong, CTO of JAKA Festival Robot, said: "Collaboration robots should be free for everyone to use. The new JAKA Zu 18 and JAKA Zu S series products will further broaden the application boundary."
9. Catering robots "Bella" and "OK"
At the press conference at the end of 2019, Purdue Technology introduced that the output value of China's service robots in 2019 reached US $ 2.2 billion, reaching a record high; the catering industry's revenue exceeded 4 trillion yuan, and it is in a high-speed development stage. Driven by the two-wheel drive of the continuous and rapid growth of the service robot market and the restaurant market, the restaurant robot is becoming a new development opportunity. In this context, Purdue Technology has released two new products, "BellaBot" and "Holabot".
As a new food delivery robot product of Purdue Technology, "Bella" has good features such as a four-layer large-size tray structure design, rich and varied distribution functions, high-precision positioning and navigation capabilities, and a stable and effective dispatching system. The robot shape design and human-computer interaction have made breakthrough improvements. They have multi-modal interaction capabilities and can interact with customers in multiple dimensions such as voice and expression.
"Okay" is a new category of catering robots mainly for the scene of return. Purdue Technology has created a large 120L closed cabin design for "Okay", with 3 layers of large-capacity trays supporting 20Kg per floor, and 6 tables of tableware can be recycled at one time, and it is guaranteed that food will not be poured into the cabin during the return Outside the body; at the same time, the cabin can be removed and cleaned, so that the robot can keep clean at any time. In addition, the operator can call the robot to the designated place at any time through the pager, APP or intelligent sensor scale, and the central control system will perform task scheduling, allowing multiple units to complete the task efficiently.
10.Isaac SDK
At the GTC CHINA 2019 conference held on December 18, 2019, Huang Renxun, founder and executive officer of NVIDIA, announced a new version of the Isaac Software Development Kit (SDK), establishing a unified robotic development platform that provides updated AI perception, simulation, and manipulation functions.
The Isaac SDK kit includes Isaac Robotics Engine, which provides an application framework, pre-built deep neural network models, algorithms, libraries, drivers, and API Isaac GEM, a reference application for indoor logistics, and Isaac Sim, which provides navigation capabilities.
NVIDIA said that the new Isaac SDK can greatly accelerate the development and testing of robots by researchers, developers, start-ups and manufacturers, enabling robots to obtain artificial intelligence-driven sensing and training functions through simulation, which can Save costs by testing and validating robots in context and circumstances.
to sum up
Nowadays, in addition to scale application in the industrial field, robots can be seen in many fields such as medical care, security, catering, cleaning, home furnishing, and rescue. It is undeniable that robots are gradually becoming a part of people's lives. Behind this is the support of many robot companies. In 2020, we also hope that more companies can bring good products, promote the development of the industry, and enrich people's daily lives with technology.

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