• Application of Electrical Fire Monitoring System Project in Science and Technology R & D Center of China Railway Third Bureau Group

    Large-scale public buildings, densely populated commercial buildings, and high levels of social attention, their electrical fire prevention is very important. In view of the characteristics of densely populated areas such as commercial office buildings, large shopping malls, living quarters, infrastructure, and shopping malls, countries and regions have established

  • Application of fire door monitoring system in a concert hall project

    AFRD100 / B fire door monitor adopts wall-mounted structure, adopts centralized and modular design, and has the characteristics of strong function, high security and flexible setting. The system adopts Chinese character LCD display. The printer can print all alarms, faults and various operations of the system.

  • Intelligent lighting control scheme for underground garage

    With the rapid development of the Chinese economy, the number of motor vehicles has increased rapidly, and more and more urban parking lots have been developed in underground garages. The underground garage has the characteristics of large space and many lamps. In terms of lighting alone, its energy consumption accounts for 80% of the operating energy consumption of the underground parking lot.

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